Expert Witness Services

What I Can do for Your Case

An animal injury and dog bite expert can support your case by:

  • Evaluating and often video-recording the animal and owner for jury presentation
  • Working with medical experts to evaluate the extent of the injury as it relates to the dog’s motivation and response to cause harm
  • Determining through interviewing the owners, neighbors, persons who have observed the dog, etc. as to what training, or lack thereof, may have been completed
  • Evaluation – direct evidence of the seriousness of the attack and the dog’s intention to do harm

The expert can also provide testimony on essential areas such as:

  • Provocation
  • Proprietor or landlord’s knowledge of dangerous predisposition
  • Dog’s prior history of maladaptive and dysfunctional behavior
  • Owner negligence
  • Appropriate containment of the animal
  • Correct handling of the dog
  • Dynamics of the attack

The expert can assist in areas of litigation including:

  • Preparing in-depth deposition questions
  • Securing evidence
  • Impeachment of opposing expert
  • Neutralizing false claims made by opposing council
  • Interviews, investigation, inspection
  • Revealing weaknesses in opposing council arguments
  • Writing a detailed brief to the court including investigation findings, temperament testing (if possible), and professional evidence-based opinion