About Robert DeFranco

Robert DeFranco has been working with dogs and other domestic and exotic animals since 1990. He is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. He is President of the Florida-based American College of Applied Science that offers graduate, undergraduate, and professional development education in animal science and behavior.  He is Executive Director of the nonprofit Florida Center for Behavior Analysis. He is on the board of directors of several other nonprofit organizations. Robert DeFranco is the former Executive Director of the Animal Behavior Center of New York (ABCNY) in New York City where he and his staff evaluated and trained over 3000 dogs, many that presented extreme aggressive behavior,  over a 13 year period before relocating to Florida to start up the American College of Applied Science.

While in New York City, he hosted the weekly radio talk show It’s About Animals on WOVD radio for two years and co-produced and co-hosted the weekly television show Pet Talk Live on Queens Public Television for five years. He earned his BA in psychology from SUNY Stoney Brook, his MS in psychology from Walden University, and he is currently a doctoral student in psychology completing his dissertation and defense at Walden University.

He completed expensive dog training at the National K-9 ( School of Dog Trainers in Columbus, OH, the Tom Rose School for Dog Trainers in High Ridge, MO,  the wolf-behavior program with Dr. Eric Klinghammer at Wolf Park in Battle Ground, IN, and dolphin training and behavior at Xcaret eco-archaeological park in  Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. Mexico. Robert DeFranco has assisted attorneys and their clients as an expert witness on the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s side in several cases over the years. He is not a full-time expert witness. However, he will consider several cases per year as his time and schedule permits.

Robert DeFranco has had extensive experience shaping the behavior of many species of exotics.

Class of graduate students in animal behavior science at American College of Applied Science in Florida

Training with an NYPD police officer and his K-9 German Shepard